Partner with Us
Community Fellowship Church has a very strong desire to bring our community together in an atmosphere of love and peace for our neighbors and beyond.  To do so is just one of the many ways  we become good stewards of the resources God had graciously blessed us with. We are aware that through your giving, we are able to carry out that mission of partnering to carry out this mission to share the love of Jesus Christ. 

Throughout scripture, God impressed upon those who love Him to support the ones who do the work of the ministry and we are fully aware of the responsibility that comes with handling that giving with integrity and wisdom. So we are truly grateful for your support and we thank God for the resources that have been made available through our partners in sharing God's love. 

Community Fellowship Church and Grace Communion International are non-profit organizations, 
which means your contributions are certainly tax deductible. 
Ways to Give
 There are two ways you can partner with us in sharing of the love of Jesus: 
1. Text to Give - You can send a text message to 417-281-3050. Once you text an amount you wish to donate,  then you will receive prompts that will assist you in how to proceed. 
2. Give Online - Follow the link below and it will take you to our donation page where you would  fill out the necessary fields to set up your giving.
Click this link to send your donation:
Thank You again for your partnering with us and Jesus in this way. God Bless You!